Monday, January 28, 2013

Baker Street

Me looking more like a Witless Watson at an interesting address in London. Did I mention Neil Flambe #5 is set in London.

Neil isn't a baker, per se, but maybe he's a Sirloin Holmes?

Friday, January 25, 2013


Here's the hardcover version of spring 2013 release SHOWTIME! From Annick press. 

I take a look at the people behind the scenes at big theatrical events.
Everyone from Al Domanski the laser and pyro guy who worked on the Roger Waters Wall tour to Machiko Weston, who makes these amazing miniature stage sets... so that designers will know whether a life-sized set will work or not.

So many, many more....

Choreographer Bradley Rapier.

Critic Lynn Slotkin.

Trick driver supreme Ben Pinel.

Poster designer Dan Ibarra from Aesthetic Apparatus. They do the posters for the Decemberists, a band I listen to as I write my books.

You'll have to check out the book (out soon) for even more!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I did a full day of presentations at John Wanless school in Toronto.
I had a blast, but as I walked outside the library I noticed a wall of distinguished former students.
Below, side by side... the great Barbara Reid and some dude named Neil Young.
Doing a presentation at Barbara's alma mater was cool, but intimidating.

And..... you know who else went to Wanless?
Miss Moneypenny! (aka Lois Maxwell!)

I often describe Neil Flambe as a mix between The Joy of Cooking and Casino Royale, so this was quite a nice bit of cosmic aligning today.

Monday, January 21, 2013


I had a great day in Creemore, Ontario. I visited two great schools! Here's me at NCPS, apparently yelling like Tarzan.

Thanks to Jenn from the great Curiosity House book shop for the pic and for being my guide today.
By the way, Creemore is also well know for great beer and great dairy.

Jenn recommended Miller's Dairy chocolate milk, and HOLY MOLY is it good!

Now I might go have the beer.

Monday, January 14, 2013

I have two non-fiction books coming out in 2013 from Annick Press. 

Showtime is a look behind the scenes at big theatrical events. It's a kind of sequel to Game Day, which took a similar look at sporting events.


Follow Your Money! Michael Hlinka and I look at where the $$$$ actually goes when you buy everything from shoes to cars. (Yes, that Michael Hlinka, from CBC and UofT!)  
Here's a sneak preview of the artwork. 

There's also a pic up on my Facebook page.  Make sure you LIKE the page when you visit!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Neil in London

I'm pouring over old maps of London (and even Londinium) as I write Neil Flambe #5. I'm steeped in the history of the place.

No ETA for the book as of yet, but it will involve Shakespeare, London theatre and (of course) great British food... and tea! (Not poisoned this time, I promise)

Stay tuned...