Skype Visits!

I am also available for Skype visits.

For Middle Grade readers, I focus on my two series MINRs and the Neil Flambé Capers. But I also throw in lots from my non-fiction books as well - including Baseballogy, Follow Your Money and the Sports Hall of Weird.

There's the FREE option!

These run about 15 minutes. I include some stories from my books and a short reading from my novels... and then I throw in a quick cartooning lesson.

OR the kids can just as me questions about my books, my writing, my drawing... anything!

I'll definitely throw in some tips on story-telling, writing and how to loosen up your hand to draw better stuff.

If you'd like to see what kind of a goofball you'll get on these calls... here are some videos.

World Read Aloud Day....

And my video about the "One Book" I would save from a burning building....

You can also book a longer - paid - Skype visit, with more stories, even a more hyper version of me and more cartoons! Just email me if you are interested and we can discuss!


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