Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The power of NPR

I was interviewed by the wonderful Liane Hansen on NPR's Weekend Edition this past Sunday. My book immediately jumped from 1,800,000 on to the top 100!

This struck me as cool for a number of reasons. As a broadcaster (CBC Radio) it's interesting to see how much people connect with public radio. The book was immediately all over twitter, getting bought and sold on ebay... amazing. It helped that Liane liked the book as well.

It's also amazing as an author to realize that there are millions of titles out there every day that scream for attention. There's a huge amount of good luck and good timing that helps a book jump off the shelf. The book has stayed in the top 1000 for the week which is a good indication of steady sales and the people at Key Porter say series need a good stretch of time to take off. That was part of the rationale for getting #2 out there asap (look for it in September)

Now me and the Neil team have set our eyes on Rachael Ray. We think the book would be a good fit for her show. Stay tuned....

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Mrs. Brennan said...

Very cool. And congrats once again!
Give us lots of notice regarding Rachel Ray if it goes forward!!!