Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gordon and me (he said "call me Gordon")

Here's me looking a little shell shocked getting my picture with Gordon Ramsay. I wanted to give him copies of my Neil Flambe books (he'd read an advance copy and gave me the blurb GOOD FUN - only Ramsay F-word I could use on a kids book!) and some bookmarks I made for his children
I wasn't expecting the photo really. I would have worn platform shoes!


NeonZeeba said...

Awesome Picture, Mr. Sylvester! Was Chef Ramsay as Intimidating as he seems??

BTW: I just finished the first Neil Flambé book, and I devoured it! (No pun intended.) You did a Fantastic job blending together 2 of my favorite themes, Cooking and Murder-Mystery. Keep up the Great work!


Emily said...

I haven't even seen this yet! GREAT PHOTO!