Friday, June 10, 2011

a preview of Neil #3

I've been working away on Neil Flambe #3 (The Crusader's Curse) and here's a preview of Isabella's new haircut.

You may remember from Neil #2 that she lost her normally long curly locks... now it's more of a bob.

I always like drawing Isabella. She's confident, nice... but always seems to be looking back at me with wry disapproval.


J.Ho said...

Hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog--I appreciate your very generous offer to help.

Bringing in other artists is actually something that I had considered from the get-go (already had some people i mind), but I haven't discussed it yet with the ladies who run Help the Cheerleader. We're a little bit swamped right now, so I can't say what will happen just yet. We're still in the process of managing the logistics of the many requests we received.

Abbie said...

I just finished the Aztec Abduction two days ago and I really like Isabella's hair shorter than longer. You did a really good job making her hair look great.