Monday, October 17, 2011


So I'm up for the Silver Birch Award again! Multiple times, as it turns out.... which is completely mind-blowing.

Neil Flambe #2 is up for fiction. Neil #1 won the award this year (thus the picture). And as with last year, great co-nominees. It is honestly an amazing honour to be included with all these amazing writers.

Canadians are so lucky to have such a great kid-oriented literary culture and we authors are so lucky to have such amazing librarians and educators... and readers too!

Game Day is nominated in the non-fiction category as is Cathy Rondina's Don't Touch that Toad! which I was honoured to illustrate.

See everyone in May!


Lolo said...

YAY! Congrats!

Mrs. Brennan said...

A huge congrats! Not many authors have books entered in both fiction and non-fiction! A girl in Grade 6 approached me today after seeing the Forest of Reading poster, to see if she could sign out your book! I told her that she would have to wait til I bought the books for the club!!

Thanks for your great words about libraries, school and Teacher-Librarians. It's nice to have as many voices supporting us and what we do for kids as we can.

Keep up the fantastic work.