Sunday, May 13, 2012

I had an AMAZING week.
It started with the Near North School Board tour of Parry Sound and North Bay.
Here's me in front of the Bobby Orr Community Centre!

Then it was time for the Neil Flambe and the Crusader's Curse book launch!
Mabel's Fables put together a tour and we talked about food to more than two-thousand readers throughout the week. Here's the crowd at All Saints (with 800 more via video-link).

And then the launch yesterday. We did mix and match jelly-bean tastings and also some drawing lessons. (Lovely wife Laura helping out.)

Today... rest. (And I'll be calling my mum of course!) Of course, I'll also be drawing, drawing and drawing....

Thanks to everyone at Mabel's... Simon and Schuster (especially my guide Rita Silva!) and all the great fans who came out to say hi!

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