Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Summit Series got underway forty years ago this month. There are plenty of hagiographic articles about the "greatest moment in sports history" out there.

I've always taken a slightly different tack. Canada learned that brutality could defeat talent (see Clarke on Kharlamov's ankle or the games against Sweden as Canada made it's way to Moscow). The game post-1972 took a nosedive and it took the Habs (and my Sabres) to save it.

Back on the 25th anniversary I wrote a CBC radio play with the Russians winning.  Then we turned it into a little book... nominated for the Leacock medal.

Then the publisher went bankrupt. There's only one place to find the book now, which is to order from me. The email is over there to the right. 10 bucks via the mail.

But why don't I give away 5 free copies.. email me first and you could get a freebie!

Or I always have some copies on hand at Word on the Street Toronto. September 23rd. 5 bucks in person.

Shadrin, by the way, was #19 for the Soviets and a great player.

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Karyn Huenemann said...

Save a copy for me; I'll bring cash and wine for dinner... and my Neil #3 for you to sign!