Sunday, March 10, 2013

Missing Paris

Neil Flambe #3 is up for this year's Silver Birch Fiction award (vote for me or I will hunt you down...) and much of the story takes place in Paris.

 I love the city, and often spend quiet hours just sitting in Notre Dame. Sigh.

My grandmother was from France (la Rochelle) so there are also personal reasons to visit. I have an old around-the-world diary from her father that I hope to translate soon (stay tuned for another blog for that project). He was a musician in the French Navy.

The family name? Cognac! (For all those readers who think I take liberties with foodie-names, I like to point out that foods often get named after people or places first.)

The Cognac family also founded a famous store in Paris (now pretty much closed). Here's a pic. The city is hoping to fix it up as a kind of urban living centre.

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