Monday, June 24, 2013

Prize winner?

In my view a book is a dead thing after I'm done with writing it. It's just paper and board... until someone reads the story and created their own view of my world in their mind.

And I am always inspired by how that world comes alive.

So, this week breakfast with me was the "prize" for a group of school kids who competed in the Kids Lit Quiz Canada.

But they treated ME with a whole menu made up of Neil Flambe inspired foods!

Chai! (not poisoned... I think)
Grape and Cheese!
AND... they gave me a bag of home-made preserves!

I realized pretty quickly that I'd WON the prize!


Janine Hudson said...

Hi Kevin,

I was given a copy of The Marco Polo Murders at the KLQ world final in NZ last year. Since then I have purchased the others and they are never on the shelf!
Happy writing (and cooking!)
Janine Hudson
Teacher Librarian
Canberra Grammar School

Kevin Sylvester said...


If you ever want to invite an author for a visit... I love to travel!