Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another great show!

The CBC Toronto 2013 Sounds of the Season event has wrapped up, and the linocuts are almost all in the mail. Click HERE for details

I did a "live full-day doodle" this year, incorporating suggestions from everyone who stopped by. That's why Spiderman has a coffee, there's a huge cat crushing a car... chaos. And a blast. I'm posting pics in a sort of WIP format. The pics with me in them are thanks to CBC / Tanja Tiziana.

Blank canvas (about 4 feet x 6 feet)

 I started with a street, then added a dragon and huge cat

More details get added, as I drink more coffee.

10 hours later, the finished work.

Chris Hadfield was there playing guitar, so I threw him into the pic. (He even tweeted a version of the the image that I gave him on a card).

Rob Ford climbing the CN Tower, with a disapproving Santa.

And Spidey with a coffee.

And me trying to explain to Gill Deacon what the heck I was thinking about when I volunteered for this. Actually, I'd do it again next year, no question!

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