Thursday, August 27, 2015

Be a hero!

The launch date for MINRs is closing in fast!

I'll be posting some bonus stuff here, sketches I've done, and a series of posters for the Great Mission to Perses (the planetoid in the book).

Here's a recruitment poster that Melming Mining used to get miners interested in moving to space.


Matthew said...

why do you leave these cliffhangers? I'm so desperate to know what happens in minrs 3. please end the series soon. I enjoy it, just its such a big distraction for school and I just want to know where it ends
-Matthew Gr 7 Gifted Student

Matthew said...

I love this series but it should end soon. Its Cliffhangers have been distracting me from important school work.may you give a date for Minrs 3 and so on. I understand why you do this, it keeps people interested. Please don't make another Cliffhanger in a future book hopefully.
Matthew Gr 7

P.S Tay (a friend) "hates" the Cliffhangers and thinks it's a "life sentence"