Friday, June 10, 2016

RIP Mr. Hockey

Very sad to hear the news about Gordie Howe. Although what a great life.

I was lucky enough to see him play with Hartford when I was young and he was always a huge figure in my life as a hockey fan (I have a Gordie Howe Christmas ornament), and even as an illustrator.

This is a pic I drew of Gordie for my very first book, Shadrin Has Scored for Russia. It was one of the first pen-and-ink pics that I felt actually came close to what I wanted to draw.

For the sake of context, in the book the Russians win the 1972 Summit Series - and hockey collapses in Canada. Wayne Gretzky becomes a curler and Gordie Howe moves to Moscow, where he becomes known as Comrade Hockey (check out the vanity plates).

(The book is no longer available - unless you want a copy from me. Tonnes in my attic.)

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