Thursday, March 30, 2017


*** UPDATE October 2017 ***
Spring 2018 - details to follow

I've been getting a lot of questions from fans of MINRS and MINRS2 asking when and if there will be a MINRS3. 

We'll, here's the answer. Yes and no.... or, perhaps more accurately, maybe.

The good news for those who are waiting for the conclusion is that I have written the first draft of the book. It's on my computer hard-drive right now. The not so good news, is that there are no plans to publish it.

The reality of the book world is that publishers need to sell books to make money to pay authors to write more books. MINRS has done well (named a CLA Honour book, nominated for a Red Maple, MYRCA award, Tome Society award and more), but the series hasn't hit the sales numbers that my publisher (or me) wanted or hoped for.

That's fair enough. Publishing is a business and publishers need to make money.  The only way to do that is to sell books. The truth is that no one has the secret to what makes one book a hit, and others just do okay. We tried, and I keep trying. 

I'm proud of the books. The lives of Christopher, Elena, Fatima, Darcy and the others are very real and dear to me. I want to tell readers what happens to them in the third and final volume. And the feedback from school visits, where I give some of the background to the series and do a short reading, has been great. I have hope. 

So, if you'd like to see a MINRS3, please spread the word about the books. 

Tell your friends why you liked the books. Tell them to try reading it. I don't know if it will help MINRS hit that next level, but from my experience, "word of mouth" is the only surefire way to gain momentum. 

I would like to give a gigantic thanks to everyone who has enjoyed the story so far. There may be some other way to complete the story for fans of MINRS, but I'm a writer, not a publisher. Like I say, I have hope.

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Natalie s said...

This is good and bad news! If you ever plan to self-publish we will buy a copy of MNRS3 directly from you so you can have all of the money, as long as it is not $!,000,000! We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Saptarshi said...

I know this is unrelated, but when is the 7th Neil Flambé coming out? Anytime soon? This year? A hint would be really appreciated because I love these books and can never get enough!! I've read all 6 multiple times and they are truly unlike anything I've read. Hope you will answer.

Kevin Sylvester said...

Replace MINRS3 with NeilFlambe 7 in the above script and you will have your answer.

Anonymous said...

Really hope it works out. Thx for replying.

brady joe said...

Hey I may be asking for a lot, but has anything happened for MiNrs3. Any updates? I really want MiNrs3 I have never felt such a special connection with a book. This series is something special to me, and i bet for many other people. So, If there is any updates please tell us. Well, do the best you can. Thank you for reading this, (If you do.)

brady joe said...

Hey Kevin, has there been any updates for this book? Anything going on? I'm really eager for MiNRS3. A book has never felt so special to me. It was the best book anyone could ask for. This book had such a connection, it was outstanding. So... if there is any updates for MiNrs3, keep us updated. I might be asking for a lot though. Well thanks for reading this, (If you even did.) Keep working hard! =D

Anonymous said...

Add my son and I to the fans who are eagerly awaiting Minrs3. We were introduced to this series at our book club where you gave us a lively talk about writing, illustrating and Neil Flambe then a little look at Minrs1. My son was immediately engrossed. By now he has read Minrs1 and Minrs2 multiple times while waiting for the next release. Fingers crossed!

Haligonians said...

My son and 8 both loved MiNRS and MiNRS2 and would buy MiNRS3 in a flash as soon as it would be available. We will spread the word to help build demand.

Haligonians said...

My son and I both loved MiNRS and MiNRS2 and would buy MiNRS3 in a flash when published. We will spread the word to help build demand.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I loved MiNRS and MiNRS2. I was wondering what year MiNRS was supposed to take place in. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am really excited for MiNRS3 if it ever does come out. Keep up the good work!

StellaH33 said...

I’m really hoping minrs3 gets to be published because I NEED THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!
I loved the first two and if there isn’t a third a will probably cry cos I NEED to find out what happens...
I will probably cry any away if there is a third book if someone else dies cos I cried every time someone died in the first two. (Except for,when the landers died)

Thank you so much for writing these awesome books