Saturday, October 20, 2012

Outdoor artwork revealed!

 The big Neil Flambe #4 launch art reveal took place today at the Cookbook Store in Toronto.

Alison Fryer and the gang invited me to paint a mural on the outside wall. Voila, here is the final product!

If you missed today's big event (and the free pocky and sushi) you can drop by the store anytime, or just stroll by and check it out in person!

Maybe even take a picture of yourself with my crazed Neil! I'd love to see some pics, even post them here on the blog or (Use the @NeilFlambe handle in your tweets.)

Just for a sense of scale, here's a pic of me standing next to the wall.

I took a gazillion pics of the process, so stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes movie sometime soon.

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Beverley Daniels Photography said...

Would love for you to do a book signing at my children's photography studio. My son is a HUGE fan.
I can be reached at: