Monday, May 13, 2013

Perhaps my fave letters ever....

I recently took a trip down through New York and New Jersey to get some buzz for the Neil Flambe books. I visited a number of schools and have previously gushed about how great Mary and Tricia at Books, Bytes and Beyond were as hosts. Wow.

After I visited Coolidge School, the kids went back to class and made (apparently of their own volition!) thank you cards for the bookstore. Look at the detail!

Inside were some amazing messages. My faves are "Dude, Kevin Sylvester is awesome!"

And "he was not boring at all"!

It was one of the best days I've ever had as an author.


AHAviews said...

I like the honesty - you're funny, unlike other author visits. I predict a round of return visits.

Anonymous said...

I really miss listening to you as much at the CBC (can't you get sanctimonious Matt to move?) but glad to see you are doing such great work!

Anonymous said...

You came to my school today and you were awesome!!! Thanks!!!